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Like Med-ic®, eCAP™ is a medication event monitoring system (MEMS) that tracks medication usage without active patient input. It consists of an ECM integrated into a cap designed to fit a Rexam 1-Clic® CR/SF vial. eCAP records when the cap is opened to remove a tablet or capsule.

All-new design.  >  Reminder option.  >  Wireless connectivity.  > "At a glance" views of patient compliance with dosing schedules > Reports.

eCAP is validated and benefits from continuous quality improvement (CQI). It can be custom-built with visual/auditory reminders and temperature sensors.

As for Med-ic, compliance data are downloaded with a CertiScan RFID Reader and Software or any NFC- or Bluetooth LE-enabled smart phone or tablet. The data can be viewed via an intuitive graphic interface or stored in various formats for later analysis. eCAP compliance data can be used in a number of ways in both research and clinical settings.

eCAP is part of a growing RFID suite of Med-ic Electronic Compliance Monitor products

How does eCAP work...