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PDF Medication adherence: The secret sauce for better outcomes? May 15 2017
It’s one of the least-appreciated aspects of medicine, but for a wide range of diseases, including AIDS, asthma, diabetes and hypertension, adherence to treatment recommendations can also be one of the most important factors. And not just in a patient’s health, but also in a drug’s success.


PDF Trump's pharma CEO confab: Get prices 'way down,' get 'better innovation' and get back to U.S. January 31 2017
Pharma industry leaders, including Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez and Merck & Co. chief Kenneth Frazier, got their marching orders from President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning. Lower your prices, deliver "better" innovation and "move your companies back" to the U.S.


PDF Benefits of smart blister packaging in clinical trials January 18 2017
Undocumented dosing non-adherence in drug development results in poor-quality data or even the failure of the trial. Ward Smith, director of marketing at Keystone Folding Box Company, explains how smart packaging can provide real-time information for accurate data capture.


PDF ONdrugDelivery Issue No 68: CONNECTING DRUG DELIVERY June 20 2016
This edition is one in the ONdrugDelivery series of publications from Frederick Furness Publishing. Each issue focuses on a specific topic within the field of drug delivery, and is supported by industry leaders in that field.


PDF Kids May Be OK with Less Pain Medication May 22 2014
"So the question is how do we provide for the pain needs of our patients, and the need to be responsible in preventing the diversion of these medications." - Roger Fillingim, PhD, president of the American Pain Society

The study was supported by a grant from Nurse Practitioner Health Foundation. Information Mediary provided reduced pricing for the eCAPs.

PDF creativ verpacken (Kosmetik, Vol. 132, Iss. 2): Focus: Cosmetics & Pharma p.16 March 13 2014
This gives the pharmacist the opportunity to support patients in therapeutic treatment. This means more effective data analysis for clinical studies with regard to the effectiveness of new drugs.


PDF PHARMACEUTICAL & MEDICAL Packaging NEWS (PMPN, Vol. 21, Iss. 3): Package Design For Clinical Trials p.24 April 12 2013
Building Trial Adherence With Packaging: As the cost of running clinical trials climbs, compliance formats have gained favor for addressing persistently high non-adherence rates.


URL Compliance Package of the Year First Runner Up: Med-ic® 21 Dose Multi-Med Pharmacy Seal Pack from Information Mediary Corporation March 25 2013
In this article, the author examines the growth of the RFID industry,
The Med-ic 21 Dose Multi-Med Pharmacy Seal Pack was initially developed for a study to monitor Hepatitis C. The package provides large blisters for multiple dosages, is easily filled at the Pharmacy level and can be heat or cold sealed, depending upon the pharmacy requirements.

One of the judges was very impressed with the Med-ic Multi-Med Pharmacy Seal Pack and commented, "This package is quite unique-especially with a way to transmit information about adherence to the pharmacist straight from the packaging. The ECM tag is a great feature that does not require a patient report of behavior. The simple act of opening a blister pack becomes both a way to get the patient needed medication, but also gather data on adherence.
and the increasing applications and benefits of this system of monitoring.


URL Rapid progress in pharma RFID
July 28 2008
In this article, the author examines the growth of the RFID industry, and the increasing applications and benefits of this system of monitoring.
VID See Logic at the DHL Global Life Sciences Conference 2008 June 26 2008
DHL Global Forwarding Life Sciences Conference works with global partners and customers to bring tangible solutions to the problems of managing the health products supply chain. Log-ic is proud to be part of the future of supply chain logistics.
PDF Monitoring one-year compliance to antihypertension medication in the Seychelles June 17 2008
The low proportion of people selected from the general population who were capable of sustaining satisfactory compliance to antihypertension medication may correspond to the maximum effectiveness of medication interventions based on a screening and treatment strategy in the general population. The results stress the need for both high-risk and population approaches to improve hypertension control.
URL Safety Starts With Temperature Control June 10 2008
Latest technologies enhance product quality and safety.
SMART LABEL: Lights up if there’s a temperature variance.
URL Log-ic temperature sensors are certified April 11 2008
Intelligent Devices Inc., a subsidiary of Information Mediary Corp (IMC), in partnership with Evidencia LLP and Prodecom, announce that the entire line of Log-ic ThermAssureRF devices have received EN12830, IP68, and COFRAC certifications from the French Institute Cemafroid, a United Nations- and World Health Organization (WHO)-authorized testing and certification laboratory.
URL Packaging On Trial March 17 2008
According to a recent informal poll of Healthcare Packaging (HCP) readers, half the respondents agreed that packaging should enter the stream at the beginning of the clinical trial. An encouraging number, considering the metamorphosis the primary package will likely undergo as the drug formulation continues to change during the course of the trial.
URL Tagged for Temps March 01 2008
Active, passive RFID tags free the cold chain from wires.
URL IMC's Semi-Passive Class 3 sensor tags presented at IDTechEX Dallas Active RFID conference 2008. December 10 2007
IDTechEx staged its annual conference on Active RFID and Real Time Locating Systems RTLS in Dallas USA 5-6 December. Delegates at over 240 and exhibitors at 20 were again sharply up, reflecting this prosperous and innovative industry. Here we look at aspects relevant to printed electronics. Passive RFID is most amenable to being totally printed because, in most cases, the logic consists of just a memory chip. However, although printing the microprocessors commonly used in active RFID is probably ten years off, the opportunity to print the antennas, sensors, interconnects and batteries is much closer. The primary motivation is to make these devices thinner, flexible and lower in cost.
URL RFID tag a cold chain management tool November 08 2007
A new radio frequency identification (RFID) logger combines tracking and tracing with temperature readings, giving processors a way to identify when food safety may have been compromised.
URL Rapid progress in pharma RFID July 01 2007
In this article, the author examines the growth of the RFID industry, and the increasing applications and benefits of this system of monitoring.
URL Pharma sees great RFID opportunities for clinical trials May 02 2007
The pharma industry sees great opportunities in using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology during clinical trials, a new survey has revealed.
URL Winners of First RFID Excellence in Business Awards Showcase Industry Diversity March 29 2007
Winners of the first RFID Excellence in Business Awards, announced today at CMP Technology's RFID World 2007 conference and exhibition, highlight the industry's diversity as well as the business benefits organizations are gaining from this innovative technology. Using RFID, honorees achieved 30 to 50 percent reductions in inventory and labor costs, respectively; 100 percent tag read rates despite temperature and humidity challenges and a 100 times reduction in cost compared with a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking option.
URL Keeping Watch: Monitors along the cold chain could alert users to any harmful excursions. February 01 2006
In October 2006, shipments of Fluvirin influenza vaccine by Novartis arrived at Cardinal Health Care “in either a frozen state and/or below the required storage temperature,” according to a statement on FDA’s Web site. The frozen Fluvirin, which was supplied in 5-ml multidose vials bearing the Chiron Vaccines label, apparently didn’t put patients at any particular risk other than having to be revaccinated. Novartis hasn’t named the cause of the temperature excursion.
URL RFID for Cold Chain Tracking December 20 2006
Read the experts' opinions on the pros and cons of fully active versus
semi-active tag usage.
URL Keeping Cool November 01 2006
Manufacturers and supply-chain partners attempt to define and standardize shipping procedures and tests, while vendors work on reliable solutions.
PDF Pill package won't let you fib October 19 2006
Information Mediary Corp. sees a big future in scannable blister packs that record the time they were opened, write Alex Hutchinson (Ottawa Citizen)
URL International Taskforce Publishes Critical Actions Required To Reduce Impact Of COPD Exacerbations June 07 2006
Global experts in respiratory disease have called for an immediate increase in efforts to improve the treatment and management of COPD exacerbations. The ‘call' follows heightened political interest in the disease in the UK following recent announcements by the Health Secretary[i] and Chief Medical Officer[ii]. The Exacerbations Taskforce, an international multidisciplinary group of respiratory experts, has published its recommendations in the latest issue of the Primary Care Respiratory Journal[iii].
PDF La mesure objective May 30 2006
de l’observance devient une réalité, tant pour le chercheur clinicien que pour le médecin praticien
URL Clinical trials fuelling smart packaging growth May 18 2006
The market for smart pharma packaging will grow to $1.7bn (€1.3bn) in 2013 from the current $21m, driven by the need for new clinical trial compliance-and brand protection measures, according to a new forecast report.
URL Compliance Package of the Year Winner 2005 May 11 2006
The Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council (HCPC) is pleased to announce the winner of its annual Compliance Package of the Year competition: Med-ic Digital Package
URL Tools for Clinical Trials Professionals May 01 2006
Information Mediary Corporation has a unique device and software solution to one of the most persistent problems in clinical trials: noncompliance. Its Med-ic ECM (Electronic Compliance Monitor) can be used with any blister package to track medication use without active patient input.
URL RFID Label Converting in One Pass August 11 2005
Mark Andy, partners demonstrate in-line solutions for inlay, strap RFID-label constructions.
URL Electronic Compliance Packaging Enhances Drug Efficacy August 01 2005
New pharmaceutical packaging for prescription-drug and clinical-trial patients uses electronics to monitor and record drug compliance, which is becoming increasingly critical as the U.S. faces nearly $100 billion in annual healthcare costs related to noncompliance.
URL Changing medication packages could help patients follow prescriptions, study suggests June 01 2005
Distributing prescription medications in specially designed blister packages rather than in bottles may increase the likelihood that medications will be taken properly, a new study suggests.
URL XINK's 'Amazing Ink' Enables RFID Printing May 31 2005
World's First on-Press RFID Transponder Labels Manufactured. XINK Flexographic inks enable revolutionary RFID transponder labelmaking.
URL RFID Label Making Picks Up Speed May 04 2005
At live demonstrations by printing-equipment maker Mark Andy, a narrow-web press produced RFID labels at a rate of 100 to 200 feet per minute.
PDF Taking RFID to the Next Level April 25 2005
An Overview of Class 3 Sensors.
Intelligent & Active Packaging Technology from Information Mediary Corporation
PDF RFID What does Congress Need to Know? March 03 2005
Extended-release opiates are state-of-the-art medications for managing moderate to severe chronic pain. They are safe when used as directed, but they do have high potential for abuse and addiction.
URL XINK Launches Flexographic RFID Printing Inks March 01 2005
New InstaCure formulations allow printing of RFID antennas and complex electronic circuitry, including flexible paper sensors (package security), sensor grids (pharmaceutical packaging monitors), keypads (disposable electronic paper diaries) and backplane components (flexible displays).
URL 2015: RFID is all over - make way for super RFID January 25 2005
RFID is now the mainstream, according to industry figures released today, and by 2015 it'll be time for the next generation of the technology.
URL High Tech Bottle Keeps Tabs on Tablet Use November 03 2004
The Med-ic eCap uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to track the use of medication without any input from the patient, according to IMC. It consists of an RFID sensor that is embedded in the bottle closure and records when the bottle is opened and closed. The usage data is read using a reader; IMC's CertiScan Software allows the physician, researcher or pharmacist to review the data.
URL Electronic Compliance Packaging Hits The Market November 01 2004
The use of electronic compliance packaging continues to grow, with two recently launched products joining the fray. MeadWestvaco Healthcare Packaging (Mebane, NC) has begun initial testing of Cerepak, an electronic update of its award-winning Dosepak package. Information Mediary Corp. (Ottawa, ON, Canada), meanwhile, is currently testing the Med-ic ECM (electronic compliance monitor) blister package.
news Dr. Allan Wilson speaks at the 3rd Annual Forum on Patient Compliance and Persistency, Philadelphia April 19 2004
Topic: Accelerating Clinical Research through ECM and Digital Packaging: Electronic compliance monitoring (ECM) has evolved over the last decade to where it is now a powerful tool for clinical trials research. Seamlessly integrated into standard medication packaging, ECM offers numerous scenarios for high return on investment (ROI). Professor Wilson will review the evolution of ECM and will present Monte Carlo results showing dramatically the advantages of ECM.
URL April 03 2004
Rfid Vous Aide à Prendre vos Médicaments
URL Michael Petersen to speak at Intelligent and Smart Packaging USA, Las Vegas, NV January 28 2004
Challenges of execution: Implementing various smart packaging concepts into real customer solutions.
Practical experience: Lessons learned announcement of a new electronic time temperature indicator label.
URL Safety and Security Concerns Drive Pharmaceutical Packaging October 29 2003
The patient could be reminded by an alarm to take the next dosage. However, with the upwelling of interest in anti-counterfeiting and tamper resistance, the ECM might find its niche as a solution for that problem as well.
PDF A Flexible, Low-Overhead Ubiquitous System for Medication Monitoring October 08 2003
Intel research taking an interest in medication compliance systems like Med-ic
PDF High Tech Bottle Keeps Tabs on Tablet Use Autumn 2003
Pharmaceutical Technology: New blister packaging offers patient compliance aids, child-resistant mechanisms, and space to include brand information.
PDF FDA Announces Initiative to Heighten Battle Against Counterfeit Drugs July 16 2003
FDA News: The new initiative includes creating an internal task force to explore the use of modern technologies and other measures such as stronger enforcement that will make it more difficult for counterfeit drugs to get distributed with - or deliberately substituted for -- safe and effective drugs.
URL RFID Medicine Tracking Summer 2003
Webdesk: This week's announcement by the FDA regarding the serious and escalating problem of counterfeit pharmaceuticals comes as no surprise to Information Mediary Corporation.
PDF New microchip watchdog could boost patient compliance May 19 2003
Drug Store News, Chain Pharmacy: The Med-ic Electronic Compliance Monitor could help enhance patient care by automatically tracking the day and time that a patient breaks open a blister foil to take prescribed medication.
URL Take two of these and we'll monitor you in the morning April 10 2003
Ottawa Citizen interview with Dr. Allan Wilson and Michael Petersen.
VID Dr. Allan Wilson discusses Med-ic ECM April 10 2003
Ottawa Citizen Business Television
URL Blisters for Clinical Trials March 01 2003
Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News: Helping improve the accuracy of clinical trial data, blister packaging is fast becoming the package of choice to promote compliance as well as to monitor it.
PDF RFID tag monitors medication compliance [Page 6] August 10 2002
Smart Labels Analyst IDTechEx Web Journal: A new RFID tag has been developed, claiming to monitor medication usage with any standard blister packaging format.
PDF Factors Affecting Patient Compliance August 01 2002
CPC Healthcare Communications Whitepaper Series: Patient non-compliance is somewhat of a mystery among pharmaceutical manufacturers today, with the majority of them accepting the inevitable fact that a large percentage of their consumers will be non-compliant. These same manufacturers pour millions of dollars into research and development, and into launching a new prescription, but do little to ensure compliance.
PDF A medication self-management program to improve adherence to HIV therapy regimens June 01 2002
Elsevier Patient Education and Counseling:This study examined whether a self-management intervention based on feedback of adherence performance and principles of social cognitive theory improves adherence to antiretroviral dosing schedules. Forty-three individuals with HIV/AIDS who were starting or switching to a new protease inhibitor regimen were randomly assigned to be in a medication self-management program or usual care control group.
URL Industry Outlook: Pharmaceutical Packaging August 01 2000
Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News: As drug manufacturers approach the 21st century, they face a number of challenges. And, surprisingly, packaging can help meet them.

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