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      CertiScan®: Adherence Matters

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      We Help Bring New Drugs to Market Faster

      Med-ic® is the first Smart Dose blister ever submitted with an FDA priority review resulting in a blockbuster drug approval.

      Our mission is to create adherence-focused technologies that enable safer, faster, more efficient, and more innovative clinical research.
      Our products automate dose data collection, assist and empower participants, facilitate deeper PK and PD analysis, enhance logistics and the cold chain, and much more.
      What We Make

      Three technologies.
      Countless research possibilities.​​

      Smart Packaging
      smart packaging
      Med-ic® smart blister packages and eCap™ smart bottle caps automatically record every dosing event (and can detect temperature exposures too!)
      Adherence Platform
      Adherence Platform
      CertiScan® stores and analyzes smart packaging data, then generates insights and recommendations for all study stakeholders.
      Third Party Integrations
      Push third party adherence data into CertiScan®. Pull CertiScan® data into your existing systems. Or make your mobile apps interoperable with Med-ic® and eCap™ using our SDK.

      What We Enable

      Inappropriate medication use is widespread in clinical research. This can harm individual participant outcomes, jeopardize trial outcomes, and cause hidden errors that are only discovered post market or after publishing (such as a poorly titrated dosage or undiscovered side effect).

      Our solutions make it easy to detect and treat these harmful issues. Many protective features are automatic, such as mobile reminders, misuse alerts, targeted coaching.
      Detect and Treat:
      • Medication non-adherence
      • Medication misuse or abuse
      • Temperature exposure and spoilage
      • Expiry
      • Tampering, fraud, and other lot or batch issues

      Shorter trials that reach their endpoints more quickly can gain weeks or months of additional patent protection. This can amount to substantial additional revenue.

      Our solutions help studies reach last dose, last participant sooner.
      Improve timelines by:
      • Automating data collection
      • Replacing diaries and ePRO with smart packaging
      • Letting CertiScan preprocess and analyze data
      • Integrating CertiScan with RTSMs, EDCs, and other platforms
      • Conducting adaptive trials

      Clinical trials are becoming increasingly complex and expensive. Certain activities in a protocol seem straightforward on paper, but in practice can translate into dozens of hours of site work.

      Use our solutions to help eliminate needless overhead and streamline processes.
      Achieve efficiencies and reduce costs by:
      • Automating data collection
      • Basing site inventories on consumption rates
      • Conducting adaptive trials
      • Conducting decentralized trials

      New, technology-first strategies are transforming clinical trials. DCTs, participant diversity initiatives, and AI tools are changing from “nice-to-haves” into “must-haves”.

      Our solutions are modern tools for modern trials that can help researchers and other stakeholders gain and maintain an advantage.
      Adopt CertiScan and smart packaging to:
      • Meet FDA trial modernization guidelines
      • Model PK and PD with adherence data
      • Satisfy internal and external innovation requirements
      • Build accurate, objective datasets for use in AI models, participant diversity initiatives, DCT tools, and more
      • Publish unique studies that stand out in the literature

      Who We Serve

      Explore how we work with different types of organizations: the specific benefits we offer, success stories, case studies, and more.

      Trusted by teams at


      “The data we pulled from the trials impacted several commercial outcomes as much as they helped us understand our outcomes and risk factors. The evolution of how new technologies are developed: after we prove they work...we ask is it negligent not to use them?”
      donald jones
      Donald Jones
      Advisory Board, AstraZeneca, Operating Partner, Takada Digital Ventures Chief Digital Officer, Scripps Research Translational, Institute
      “Patients have their own personalized risk factors and protective factors. We need to individualize these meds to reduce patient risk. The only way I know how to do this is with IMC technology.”
      Neels Groenewald, MD
      Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Stanford University
      “With [eCap™], you can collect a lot of data passively and really granular consistently measures data regardless of input from the participant so you’re reducing burden on them.”
      Mark Butler, PhD
      Clinical Psychologist, Institute of Health System Science, Northwell Health
      “Perhaps the biggest improvement to clinical research processes since barcodes became mandatory for clinical supplies 20 years ago; a truly disruptive solution sure to strengthen results from crucial clinical investigations.”
      stan kachnowski
      Stan Kachnowski, PhD, MPA, CIBE
      Executive Director, Health Information Technology Lab (HITLAB)

      Why IMC

      We are an established company...

      IMC has operated for over 20 years, and we know this industry inside and out.

      ...that's still on the leading edge

      We are always investing in R&D and incorporating the latest tech industry best practices into our products. This lets us continuously deliver innovative, excellent solutions.

      Our solutions are vertically-integrated...

      IMC hardware has been designed to work hand-in-hand with IMC software. This has created a seamless, ready-to-use platform that is unmatched in the industry.

      ...and also interoperable

      Our platform is integration-ready and developer-friendly. We have years of experience carrying out all types of integrated studies.

      We meet regulatory requirements...

      Our solutions satisfy numerous standards and regulatory requirements including 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, GDPR, and EU Annex 11.

      ...without sacrificing user experience

      All hardware and software has been designed very intentionally to provide maximum capability with minimal learning curves, including zero effort or burden on participants and site staff.

      Our solutions are flexible...

      Med-ic®, eCap™, and CertiScan® Adherence Platform can each be used standalone or as part of a configured, combination solution.

      ...and our team is multidisciplinary

      Our company includes engineers, scientists, healthcare professionals, marketers, digital designers, and customer success specialists.​

      You own the data...

      All raw data and derived insights are yours. You will always have full access through a study and beyond.

      ...and we safeguard it

      A combination of technical, regulatory, and administrative safeguards make IMC a trusted custodian of your data.

      Learn More about the Products
      that Power our Solutions

      med-ic smart package
      The original smart blister package. Breaking a blister records the time and location (i.e. “8:00 a.m.” and “Day 1, Morning”). Med-ic® can be customized to work with any blister design and dose pattern.
      ecap smart bottle cap family
      The superior smart cap. Unscrewing and removing the eCap™ records the opening time. Several diameter and threading options are available to fit all common bottle types.
      CertiScan adherence Platform
      Consumer-quality software for clinical trials. Securely store, analyze, and action the data from smart packaging and other adherence devices. The CertiScan® Adherence Platform includes web portals, mobile apps, developer tools, and a secure, central cloud.

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      Our mission is to create adherence-focused technologies that enable safer, faster, more efficient, and more innovative clinical research. There’s an IMC solution that will transform your next trial. Don’t wait, start the conversation with our team now. We’ll reach out in order to:

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