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      CertiScan®: Adherence Matters

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      Welcome to the new site!

      We’ve refreshed our website’s look, feel, and navigation. It is easier than ever for you to explore and learn about our world-class adherence solutions.

      Welcome to the new site! 5 May 2024
      By: Information Mediary Corp.

      We are thrilled to unveil our revamped website! As you explore our new digital home, you'll discover enhanced visuals and functionality that provide you with an unparalleled user experience.

      Here is an overview of the highlights, as well as some starting point links for your to begin your journey...

      Modernized Look and Feel

      Our website's visual overhaul reflects our dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and design. We've refreshed the layout, colors, and imagery to create a more inviting and intuitive browsing experience.

      Streamlined Navigation

      Navigating through our offerings has never been easier. We've restructured our site to ensure that finding the information you need is effortless.

      Solutions by Industry

      Whether you're a clinical trial Sponsor, Contract Research Organization, Contract Drug Manufacturing Organization, Academic Medical Researcher, or Specialty Pharmacist.

      Solutions by Use Cases

      Explore our diverse range of adherence solutions through our "Use Cases" sections. From Adherence Management to Adaptive Trials, Decentralized Trials, Automated Data Collection, and PK and PD Analysis Options, we offer cutting-edge tools to meet your specific needs.

      Learn about the Products that Power Our Solutions

      Discover the innovative products that power our Industry solutions and Use Cases. From Med-ic®, the original smart blister package, to eCap™, the superior smart cap, and CertiScan®, our software platform, we provide configurable solutions to optimize adherence and data management.

      Resources Section

      Stay informed and empowered with our newly introduced "Resources" section. Here, you'll find our insightful Blog, featuring adherence insights and feature deep dives, and more. Read through Case Studies that showcase real-world applications of our technology. Explore Scientific Publications for brief synopses and links to research that was carried out using our solutions, and stay updated on Events where you can connect with our team.

      We invite you to explore our new website and experience firsthand how Information Mediary Corporation is revolutionizing adherence solutions. Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to empowering your journey towards improved patient outcomes and data integrity.

      5 May 2024
      By: Information Mediary Corp.

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      We are thrilled to unveil our revamped website! As you explore our new digital…

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