Ubiquitous wireless connectivity allows for secure device level downloading of adherence data real time. Providing a solid privacy layer on top of standard NFC makes it the most secure data solution for cloud-connected adherence platforms.

CertiScan Mobile for iOS and Android

Mobile smart packaging provides opportunities for interactivity to enhance patient engagement, self-care, and improve quality of life by offering immediate real time feedback. CertiScan Go Mobile is also now available over the medopad global digital health platform.

The Problem

Asking patients or subjects about their adherence is a simple way of addressing the topic, but, unfortunately, self-reports are notoriously inaccurate.

Patients overestimate their adherence for reasons that are not understood but likely include desire to please their care giver and not wanting to appear as an unreliable participant.

The Solution

Predictive algorithms may allow a shift to a patient-centric motivational counselling model in which patients access personalized targeted education and engage in self motivational counselling via their own phones.

The Execution

Smart Packaging can detect subtle medication-related bias effects that can lead to erroneous conclusions about drug efficacy.

The highest and best use of adherence data is to give feedback to subjects about their adherence as they progress through a clinical trial.

Product Overview

For use in pharmacy or clinic locations, the CertiScan Reader and cloud are used to communicate and store adherence data from IMC’s Smart ECM tools.

The proprietary data protocol ensures data transfer is secure. The close proximity scanning is a wireless passive transfer using a simple tap of the ECM-equipped device. Data is immediately available for interpretation in the easy-to-glance views included in the companion desktop software.

Features & Benefits

  • Proprietary secure protocol
  • Clinic / pharmacy use
  • Wireless tap to read ECM equipped device
  • Read time less than half a second
  • RFID, NFC, BT optional

Use Cases

  • Clinical trials (phases 2, 3, 4)
  • Specialty pharmacy

Product Brochure

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