Our eCAP Smart Bottle has the regular pharmacy or trade bottle look and feel patients are used to, but one important difference is that eCAP records real time adherence data for each opening.

Product Overview

eCAP Smart Bottle’s discreet design is available in various pharmacy formats including standard 38/400 medication bottles,  Centor’s 1-clic® vial, the push and turn Argus-loc or custom format. Available as child resistant (CR) or non-CR.

Improving medication adherence with a watchful eye on persistence, the eCAP Smart Bottle helps patients reduce side effects and leads to overall improved health.

Features & Benefits

  • Stop & refill option keeps track of refill counts
  • Multiple bottles per patient
  • Stores electronic id (does not need patient name)
  • Stores electronic medication details
  • Requires no patient setup
  • Android / iOS
  • Does not require cellular or wifi connection
  • Child resistant / Senior friendly available
  • Works with liquid medications

Use Cases

  • Full track and trace - FDA DSCSA
  • Brand retention through patent extension
  • Commercial branding
  • Bulk quantities for pharmacy distribution

Product Brochure

Click here to download the product brochure.


All-new design.  >  Reminder option.  >  Wireless connectivity.  > "At a glance" views of patient compliance with dosing schedules > Reports.

How does eCAP work